About the Festival

The first annual Scandomania! festival was a huge success!  Nearly 100 participants attended. The Swedish music & dance teachers all did an exceptional job teaching Slängpolska.  

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from workshop dancers and musicians alike, and the parties were energetic and great fun.  

We deeply appreciate the many generous donations that helped us get this festival on the ground.  Much gratitude for the myriad ways that people volunteered and gave of themselves, making it truly a community effort.

We look forward to planning next year’s festival soon, although we await cautiously re: the developments of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Please write to us regarding any suggestions for future guest teachers and for other ways we can improve.

Scandomania! 2020 featured Slängpolska, a great entry level dance for people new to Scandinavian dancing, fun for beginners and experienced dancers alike. Learn more about slängpolska here.

For now, please enjoy the wonderful photos and videos taken by Rose Miller and Dori Lehner:


Hermann Sons Hall
860 Western Ave.
Petaluma, CA 94952


Friday, February 14: “Meet & Greet Evening Dance Party” (open to the public $10).

Saturday, February 15:  Dance and music workshops during the day; Evening concert and dance party (open to the public $15).

Sunday, February 16:  Dance and music workshops during the day; Evening dance party (open to the public $10).

Post-Festival Event

Monday, February 17: Ceylon Wallin Nyckelharpa Workshop taught by one of the festival instructors. More information about this workshop can be found here.


Dance Workshop

Learn slängpolska from expert dance teachers from Sweden. All dancers welcome, including beginners. Dance partners not required. Any gender imbalance will be addressed by changing partners frequently. Experience in polska turning dances is helpful, but not necessary to learn this dance.


Our guest teachers have been dancing slängpolska since 1993. Among all the Swedish polska dances, it is their favorite. In 2000, they won the “Stockholms Polskan” competition dancing slängpolska. They use a simple teaching approach, with a warm and friendly style to build enthusiasm and interest in the dance. They have taught dancing extensively in Sweden and internationally and are also both musicians. One of them will teach a nyckelharpa workshop on Monday (see registration).

Music Workshop

Learn a sampling of Sweden’s slängpolska music that has survived the centuries as a living tradition. These well-loved tunes offer beautifully haunting and energetic melodies that inspire dancers and musicians alike. All instruments and levels of experience welcome. Teaching will be by ear. The pace of instruction will be at an intermediate to advanced level, determined by the overall skill level of the registered musicians.


Our two fiddlers, both Riksspelmän, started playing fiddle as pre-teens. Slängpolska is a rich part of the musical heritage where they live and is their favorite type of music. They are also both dancers. Over the years, they have been working out how to play slängpolska together so that it is lively and danceable. They perform and play for dancing regularly and have toured internationally.


Advanced registration is required for the workshops. Registration fee includes the Saturday concert and all dance parties.

Early Registration Fee (if paid through January 17): $130 per person
If under 18 yrs. old: $65

Late Registration Fee (if paid after January 17): $160 per person
If under 18 yrs. old: $80

Ceylon Wallin Nyckelharpa Workshop: Monday February 17, El Cerrito CA, 1-5pm. $30 per person.

Lunches: To help us get to know each other better, we are offering optional on-site catered lunches on Saturday and Sunday for an additional fee of $12.50 per day. More information will be posted at a later date. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch and eat with us at Hermann Sons Hall.

Cancellations: Full refund through January 17, 2020.  $30 cancellation fee starting January 18, 2020.

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