Nyckelharpa Workshop

The Music of Ceylon Wallin

February 17, 2020, 1-5pm
El Cerrito CA

Ceylon Wallin was an icon in the world of nyckelharpa, almost as well known as Eric Sahlström. This workshop, associated with the Scandomania! festival, is taught by a Swedish musician who started playing nyckelharpa in 1980 after building his own instrument. One of his early teachers was Ceylon Wallin whose music he still loves to play.

Fiddlers and other instrumentalists are welcome to participate, but the focus will be on nyckelharpa instruction.  

For more information, contact Fred Bialy at Please sign-up in advance, using the festival registration form, or by contacting Fred. For those not attending the festival, payment can be made at the workshop. Pre-registration is required.

Photo: Ceylon Wallin photographed by Erik Fredelius at “The Nyckelharpa Day” in 1975 at Disagarden just outside Uppsala, Sweden.

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