About the Swedish slängpolska.

Slängpolska is a Swedish dance dating from the 18th Century. It was the most popular dance in Sweden at that time, but it ultimately disappeared. After extensive research in the 1970’s, the dance was reconstructed and introduced back into the folk dance community. In slängpolska, couples dance “on the spot” rather than move in a circle around the room. In that respect, it has similarities to the Norwegian bygdedans Telespringar.

Fortunately, a wealth of slängpolska music has survived through the centuries as a living tradition. Many of these tunes offer beautifully haunting and energetic melodies that drive the dancers in their playful trance-like interplay during the dance.

Slängpolska is a great entry level dance for people new to Scandinavian dancing, fun for beginners and experienced dancers alike.

Learn more about the history and form of the slängpolska here.

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